Wifi Mqtt Gateway

July 15, 2023

Developing a Wifi-Mqtt-Gateway # What does it do? # The gateway receives serial data from micro-inverters over 2.4ghz, generates a message that is published via Wifi to the mosquitto mqtt broker. In Node-Red we subscribe to the topic power/inverter and receive the message generated and sent by the mqtt broker. Code sample. # The following tutorials can be a source for information. Raspberry Pi IoT Server Tutorial: InfluxDB, MQTT, Grafana, Node-RED & Docker Simple ESP32 IoT Sensor Node Tutorial: WiFi Enabled MQTT Sensor Data Node #include <WiFi. ...

Generic X86 64

July 15, 2023

Install Home Assistant Operating System # How to install Home Assistant on Generic x86-64 Hardware # Let’s follow this tutorial What do we need? # In my case a used HP t630 Thin-Client.