K8s Networking

April 15, 2024

Kubernetes single-stack IPv6 !? # Configure Kubernetes control plane to operate over IPv6 IPv6-Only Kubernetes Clusters Kubernetes with IPv6 only

K8s Democluster

April 3, 2024

Planning a cluster # Minikube on a VPS from scratch Minikube + Gitlab - Developing for Kubernetes with minikube Kind using private container-registry Pull an Image from a Private Registry Organizing Cluster Access Using kubeconfig Files Configure Access to Multiple Clusters POC - Runnning a Python App in Kubernetes # create Dockerfile or use hello-python based on Flask Minimal App Example Get started with Kubernetes - using Python kubectl create secret docker-registry Running a Python Application on Kubernetes Deploy Python App to Kubernetes Personal Kubernetes Cloud Sandbox # I would like to have an environment consisting of minimum 3 VMs and mounted Volumes for persistent or backup storage. ...

K8s Structure

March 19, 2024

Kubernetes directory Structure - source # /etc/kubernetes/: This folder contains the main configuration files for the Kubernetes control plane components. /etc/kubernetes/manifests/: This folder contains the YAML files for the Kubernetes system components that run as pods. /etc/kubernetes/pki/: This folder contains the public key infrastructure (PKI) files that are used for secure communication between the different components of the Kubernetes cluster. /etc/cni/net.d/: This folder contains the configuration files for Container Networking Interface (CNI) plugins used by Kubernetes to manage networking. ...

K8s Deployment

March 12, 2024

From Docker to Kubernetes # How to deploy a docker image to Kubernetes? Building Docker images for Kubernetes Demo Installation on Hetzner Cloud # Kubernetes on Hetzner with Claudie! kubectl on fedora kind - Kubernetes in Docker What Is Moby and How Does It Relate to Docker? Add your user to the docker group Create a kind cluster and export the kubeconfig kind create cluster --name claudie-mgmt Managing Secrets using kubectl Screenshots - Hetzner Demo Cluster # K9s-Cluster-View K9s-Nodes-View Hetzner-Cluster-Overview K8s-Management-Cluster # Components: Hetzner-Cloud VPS Tailscale - VPN - HowTo Tailscale - connect Nodes and Pods HowTo Tailscale - Kubernetes operator Install a Management Cluster using - Kind or Minikube Links # Deploy Python App into Kubernetes Running a Python Application on Kubernetes Get started with Kubernetes - using Python Mesh your Kubernetes cluster to the rest of your network with Tailscale Kubetools - A Curated List of Kubernetes Tools Beispielanwendung in GKE bereitstellen Using kubectl to Create a Deployment Creating a cluster with kubeadm Build and Deploy Your First Image to Your First Cluster Docker and Kubernetes: How They Work Together kubectl for Docker Users Building Docker images in Kubernetes How to Deploy docker image to Kubernetes Create and Deploy a Docker Container Image to a Kubernetes Cluster Setup your own scalable Kubernetes cluster with the Terraform provider for Hetzner Cloud


December 16, 2023

1. Introduction to Kubernetes: # Kubernetes is a popular open source platform for container orchestration. It enables developers to easily build containerized applications and services, as well as scale, schedule and monitor those containers. What is Kubernetes container orchestration? https://www.vmware.com/topics/glossary/content/container-orchestration.html 2. Architecture: # Kubernetes Components: Master node, Worker node, etcd, kubelet, kube-proxy, etc. source source source 3. Setup and Installation: # https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/kubectl/ https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/ https://minikube.sigs.k8s.io/docs/start/ 4. Pods: # What is a Pod ? ...